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Data Scientist at (Bengaluru, India)

Job Description

Analyze data to bring insights that can help solve problem or prevent future problem to arise -
Create hypothesis and test hypothesis using our data. If we don't have the data, propose a way to capture and extract the needed data to stakeholders.
Train data model based on our current data
Define and monitor key metrics and alert the business on potential issues.
Analyze operational efficiency and build business models to guide decision-making.
Design market/business intelligence reports and performance measurement dashboards.
Enhance our data infra, analyze large, complex data sets into actionable insights.


At least a Bachelor degree in computing intensive subjects, e.g. finance, financial mathematics, computer science, mathematics, physics, bio-informatics, engineering
Knowledgeable in SQL, data visualization using tools like Tableau and can code basic Python/R
Advanced statistics knowledge
Unafraid to deal with large, dirty, and messy data and can create ETL to clean and make the data workable - Amazing problem solver
Experienced in using advanced analytics/machine learning in the real world scenario
Past participation in science Olympiad or Kaggle is a plus

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