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Machine Learning Engineer (Data Science Engineer) at Pype (Bengaluru, India)

We are looking for Machine Learning Engineers/ Data Scientists to join our talented software team in building high performing, low latency, enterprise grade and cloud-based product suite. You will play a key role in building our innovative product pipeline. Using your deep understanding of modern web architectures and Cloud platforms, programming expertise and operational experience, you will help building successful SaaS products at Pype.

Please join our ML team and work together in breaking barriers and bringing AI to the construction software industry. Applicants should have a strong computer science background with good analytical, problem solving skills apart from good foundations in Machine learning with bent towards NLP/Image Understanding. Working proficiency with Python is mandatory. Knowledge of distributed systems like Hadoop/Spark is a plus.

Roles & Responsibilities

Formulate, code and evaluate machine learning models required for the product/application
Production deployment with required optimization, vectorization and system integration
Verification/validation and continuous integration of advanced variations
Identify/adopt feedback loops to maintain high fidelity data governance across the product portfolios

Bachelors/Masters degree in Computer Science or equivalent area from reputed institutes
Around 2-6 years of experience in applied or theoretical Machine learning roles in the industry or research institutes
Good grasp of Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics
Working knowledge and inclination towards Statistical pattern recognition, Machine learning, Neural Nets, Image Processing
Experience with Python/Scikit-Learn/TensorFlow/OpenCV
Ability to work with a team in an Agile environment

To apply send your resume to