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DATA SCIENTIST at Melstar Information Technologies Limited (Bengaluru, India)

DATA SCIENTIST (Analytics & Technology)

Experience : 7+ yrs.

Location : Gurgaon & Bangalore

Qualification :Masters (preferred) or Bachelors Honors in Statistics, Economics, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics preferred

Technical expertise: Provide expertise in Statistics, Mathematical modeling and simulation, Numerical Analysis and Differential Equation.
Curiosity: a desire to go beneath the stated client needs and discover and distill a problem down into a very clear set of hypotheses that can be tested.
Problem solver: Ability to work with adhoc/ unstructured data and arrive at a potential business proposition and hence, be able to define and design customized business solution.
Storytelling: the ability to use data to tell a business-outcome impacting story and to be able to communicate it effectively.
Cleverness: the ability to look at a problem in different, creative ways.
Experienced in mathematical modeling and programming, statistical analysis, forecasting/predictive modeling, simulations, optimization, visualizations, machine learning, data mining, etc.
Proficiency in one or more statistical programming language, like R, SAS, WEKA or Python, and a database querying language like SQL.
Demonstrated ability of thought leadership and to work with ambiguous problem definitions, recognize dependencies and deliver impactful solutions through logical problem solving and technical ideations.
Ability to learn new analytical methods, technologies and apply in practical business problems.
Strong communication and interpersonal skills: Ability to communicate clearly and confidently with clients/stakeholders. Ability to tell a clear, concise, actionable story with data. Ability to work with multiple teams with different backgrounds.
Attitude to work in a fast paced and continuously changing environment.
Understanding of Big Data Technologies like Map Reduce and Hadoop.
Proficiency with any general purpose programming language Java/Python/C/C++.