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Senior Software Engineer Machine Learning at PlayStation (San Mateo, CA)

Senior Software Engineer – Machine Learning

PlayStation HQ in San Mateo, CA

We are looking for a highly motivated player to join our team and help define the future of game development using the power of Machine Learning.

If most of these bullets describe you:

  • Passionate about finding new solutions to the most difficult problems in the world
  • Ability to understand and quickly implement state of the art papers from the field
  • Constantly thinking of new and out of the box approaches to tackle problems
  • Not afraid of reading and proving ideas through mathematical analysis
  • Love to play with new ML models and even come up with new ones!
  • Know the difference between Q-Learning, SARSA, DQN, DDPG
  • Passionate about crafting AI systems that will impact game developers and gamers around the world.


  • Expertise in ML and statistical learning with a deep understanding of the underlying theory
  • Expertise in reinforcement learning and unsupervised learning
  • Experience in building and deploying impactful machine learning models in production
  • Excellent programming skills, preferably in Python and/or C++
  • Track record of balancing near term product impact and long term exploration
  • Strong communication skills and ability to generate consensus and agreement within the team
  • Ability to simplify complex problems and concepts through deep analysis and understanding
  • Ability to read, implement and explain academic papers
  • Strong mathematical analysis


  • A hardcore gamer with years of experience playing different types of games.
  • Game-engine and physics engine knowledge (UE4, Unity, Bullet)
  • Game development experience
  • At least one paper publication