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Berlin Hiring Event - Software Engineer, Machine Learning at Mercari (Tokyo, Japan)

Mercari Inc., Japan's largest marketplace app, is coming to Berlin, Germany for a hiring event for Machine Learning Engineers on 5th-7th December 2019.

This is a job description made specifically for this event.

For regular applications for the same role (Software Engineer, Machine Learning), please apply through here.

Application Timeline

Application deadline: 2nd December 2019

*Due to limited seats, we may not be able to arrange for everyone for the on-site interviews in Berlin, it will be processed at a first-come-first-served basis.

- Resume Screening

- Skill test (It will be arranged as soon as the resume screening process is finished)

- 1st-2nd Interviews (Berlin on-site): 5th or 7th December 2019

- Final Interview (Hangout): Scheduled after the recruitment event

- Offer stage: 1-2 weeks

Our mission

We are always looking for new challenges to help us fulfill our mission to create value in a global marketplace where anyone can buy & sell.

The world is full of objects and services being produced and sold, but many of them are thrown away without people realizing that they might be valuable to someone else, wasting valuable natural resources. To contribute towards eliminating waste, we have launched Mercari, a marketplace where people can buy and sell easily and safely, in Japan and the United States.

Our three values (Go Bold, All for One, Be a Pro)

We work together to create a global marketplace, but the road to this goal is by no means easy. In order for us to make new innovations and take on new challenges that no one has taken before, all of us take ownership of our work and make use of our knowledge so that we can create the best product possible as one team. To achieve this, we all take action based on our three company values (Go Bold, All for One, and Be a Pro).

The goal of the engineering organization

At Mercari, engineering teams always strive to continuously produce significant results. To do this, our organization constantly welcomes changes and new challenges, cooperates and co-creates, is diverse, offers freedom, and encourages all of us to take ownership and make our own decisions. We want to continue taking on new challenges, working together as one team, going bold, and taking ownership so that we can grow individually, while working toward the realization of Mercari’s mission.


As a Machine Learning Engineer at Mercari, you are going apply your machine learning skills to develop Mercari Consumer-2-Consumer, so-called C2C, marketplace. We are actively utilizing advanced machine learning technologies in order to provide a more convenient and fun marketplace. Machine Learning Software Engineer is responsible for analyzing C2C purchasing data in order to improve customer experience in using Mercari marketplace in a secure manner.

What you will be doing:

  • Establish and support the machine learning system constructed on Kubernetes
  • Provide a recommendation engine.
  • Enhance customer's behavior prediction.
  • Tackle anomaly detection.
  • Develop an image recognition system.
  • Improve machine learning system and support engineers

Minimum Requirements

  • Experience operating web systems
  • Over 3 years of experience in developing applications in Python and at least one of the following languages: Go, C/C++, or Java.
  • Experience working on end-to-end development of machine learning application, including prototyping, model evaluation, implementation, productionization and service improvement, using Python or other languages.
  • Fundamental knowledge of RDBMS and SQL.
  • Experience leading various projects, with proposing solutions to tackle problems, based on knowledge of domain-specific service and system.
  • Ability to read and understand technical papers and documentation.
  • English communication skills

Additional qualifications

  • Experience with large-scale distributed system.
  • Ability to develop features and platforms to improve system performance and reliability
  • Experience operating systems using containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience designing and operating systems, including servers, networking and databases, using cloud services (e.g AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure)
  • Experience using TensorFlow, Chainer, Caffe, PyTorch or other deep learning frameworks.
  • Experience developing and maintaining microservices using Docker/Kubernetes.
  • Experience publishing or presenting academic papers.
  • Experience applying for patents.
  • Experience publishing and contributing to OSS
  • Japanese communication skills