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SWE Data Analytics - Data Intelligence Engineering Manager at Apple (Cupertino, CA)

At Apple, our Data Analytics team focuses on improving the user experience by improving operating system stability, gathering feature usage telemetry, and evaluating device performance. This requires capturing data from customers who have given consent, utilizes strong privacy preserving techniques, and entails aggregating information, all to help inform direction.

We are looking for a manager to lead our Support, Services, and Data Science team. This cross functional leadership role lends support to connect internal teams to data as well as leveraging cutting edge data science techniques to drive answers to our most complex questions.You will be working with your team of world-class engineers and scientists to define, develop, and guide the future of Apple products and software. The scope of work covers the entire Apple product line, and big data coming back from hundreds of millions of devices. We are looking for an engineering manager who can drive cultural change, develop positive working relationships and ultimately improve our operating systems through data.