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Director of IT Data Management Officer - Banking at City National Bank (Miami, FL)

The Director Data Management Officer should possess strong problem-solving, analytical, ability to program in multiple languages (C/C++, S (e.g. as implemented in R), Python, Matlab and/or Java and communication skills. In addition to in-depth technical knowledge of the CNBs systems, including Fiserv Core data, MuleSoft, Microsoft Azure platforms & interfaces, including but not limited to; Microsoft Windows based applications (i.e., Windows Server OS/SQL/PostgreSQL/etc.), Linux, software/hardware and VM Ware/VDI & general knowledge of SDLC. The Director Data Officers role is to design, plan, monitor, and improve the organizations Data Management functions. The central objective of this role is to ensure that the organizations Data Management disciplines are running effectively, and meeting the businesss needs regarding data. With the growing push of data and information being used as corporate assets, serving as integral platforms for generating revenue and competitive advantages, this position must be able to understand both the technical points of Data Management, as well as the business drivers and needs regarding data. This individual must be able to understand the bits and the bytes related to the organizations Data Management and develop a strategic plan for the technical space considering the businesss perspective and needs.

This position is responsible for gathering and processing raw data (unstructured/structured), and translating analyses being able to support data processing workflows. Relies on experience and independent judgement to plan and accomplish goals directly related to Bank administration matters.

  • Participate in strategic and operational governance processes of the business as a member of the senior management team.
  • Lead strategic and operational planning for the organizations Data Management practices, focusing on meeting business needs and requirements through data functions, interfaces and processing workloads.
  • Identify opportunities for the organization to further leverage data and improve its economic, competitive, and operational positioning.
  • Develop and maintain the organizational structure of the organizations Data Management team.
  • Create and manage the organizations data strategy.
  • Establish Data Management goals, objectives, and operating & governance procedures.
  • Identify cost savings and process improvement opportunities for the Data Management team and the greater business.
  • Understand and manage the IT side of the organizations data analytics operations.
  • Develop business justifications and cost: benefit analysis for data related spending and initiatives.
  • Understand and monitor the regulatory and security requirements for data related to the industry in which the organization operates; ensuring compliance and proper protection occurs.


  • 3-5 years experience managing and/or directing a Data Management operation or team.
  • 5-7 years experience working in the Data Management and information Management spaces.
  • Extensive experience with corporate Data Governance.
  • Experience in strategic planning and initiative designs.
  • Experience or knowledge of the data requirements in the Finance sector.
  • Strong understanding of how different departments (marketing, finance, operations, etc.) will have different data uses and requirements.
  • Proven experience in Data Management planning, organization and development.
  • Strong understanding of project management.
  • Knowledge and experience of DAMA DMBOK and the different disciplines of Data Management.