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Data Scientist at Agama Solutions Inc (Atlanta, GA)

Data Scientist

Agoura Hills, CA

6+ Months

Must be able to work on W2.

A Day In The Life Could Include:

(job responsibilities)

  • Work with product managers and clients to better understand the business problem
  • Think through a business problem and come up with a set of hypotheses
  • Create a list of potentially relevant supporting data elements
  • Work with data engineers and/or data analysts to procure data and test it for problems
  • Collaborate with other Data Scientists
  • Propose modeling approaches
  • Mine the data to check completeness, value distributions, etc.
  • Increment data: data imputation and feature engineering
  • Test data for signal
  • Run feature selection
  • Tune the model
  • Set up tests for the model health
  • Collaborate with product managers to find the best way to present the results
  • Work with developers on productionizing models

What Will Put You Ahead:

  • An advanced Degree (Masters or PhD) in engineering, mathematics, physics, economics, computer science, statistics, or business analytics.
  • Experience leveraging cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Strong research skills and the ability to put emerging ideas into practice`

What You Will Need To Bring With You:

(experience & education required)

  • A minimum of 3 years of post-academic experience developing advanced analytics and applying data science in a business environment
  • Experience in data mining techniques and methodologies (data prep/modeling, classification, regression, clustering, causal modeling, AI, machine learning, ensemble approaches)
  • Experience developing in Python within a production environment
  • Advanced experience in data visualization tools with a strong grasp of effective data modeling and visualization practices
  • The ability to rapidly develop proof of concepts and test new ideas, as well as the ability to scale these ideas into production ready models that can be deployed within our organization
  • Examples of how your passion for data driven decision making and intellectual curiosity translated in to value for your organization

Interview will be via phone screen!

Selling points for candidate: Year long project that is 100% remote!