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Data Scientist - Machine Learning Engineer at Apple (Cupertino, CA)

The Turi Tag platform enables data generation for machine learning applications across all of Apple. We are a small interdisciplinary team that solves complex key challenges in large-scale training data generation with a focus on the efficient creation and evolution of machine learning training and validation datasets. The challenges are non-trivial and solutions impact products across the entire Apple ecosystem. Your opportunities to make an impact are plentiful.

You'll be responsible for bridging the gap between Turi's ML data generation platform capabilities and the constantly evolving data needs of our Apple-internal machine learning partners. This includes the design and deployment of experimental designs, the design and development of novel approaches that improve data efficiency, and doing groundbreaking work to bridge the gap DoE and large-scale deep learning training strategies. You bring a strong hands-on mentality that enables you to own engineering projects from inception to shipping into product.