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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer at Paladin Consulting (Dallas, TX)

Job Title: AI ML Engineer
Work Location: Dallas, TX
Duration: Direct Hire
JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Design, develop, and deliver AI/machine learning enabled solutions for specific industry problems. Build scalable, available, and supportable processes to collect, manipulate, present, and analyze large datasets in a production environment Articulate problem definition and work on all aspects of data including acquisition, exploration/visualization, feature engineering, experimentation with machine learning algorithms, deploying models. Develop working prototypes of algorithms, evaluate, and compare metrics based on real-world data sets. Provide design input specifications, requirements, and guidance to software engineers for algorithm implementation for solution/product development. Decide when a model is ready for deployment and monitor its accuracy over time to see when it needs to be retrained or replaced. Oversee the AI Ops process with periodic or continuous model maintenance Collaborate and communicate between data scientists and operations professionals to help manage production machine learning lifecycle. Enhance existing platform and solutions by adding and improving features
Skills & Requirements:4-13+ years of professional experience is required Experience building and deploying AI/ML models at scale Degree in applied math, statistics, machine learning or computer science. MS is preferred Deep understanding of statistics and experience with machine learning algorithms/techniques Proven programming skills, in particular Python, strong experience with DL frameworks such as Tensorflow, Torch and others Scientific expertise and real-world experience in deep learning (convolutional neural networks, LSTM's) Experience in building distributed deep learning models leveraging GPUs Passion for solving challenging analytical problems Ability to quickly qualitatively and quantitatively assess a problem Ability to work productively with team members, identify and resolve tough issues in a collaborative manner Experience in applying machine learning techniques to real-world problems in a production environment Experience on Anaconda Enterprise platform Experience building & deploying machine-learning models at scale on Kubernetes
BONUS KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: Publications in the machine learning space is preferred Worked on large-scale, real-world problems in deep learning for a startup or large Enterprise Open source contribution to algorithms, libraries and frameworks in DL Worked on Distributed computing environment such as Hadoop, Spark etc Exposure to NoSQL technologies such as MongoDB and Cassandra Passion for data Experience with participating and winning Hackathon/Kaggle like competitions in ML/DL areas