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Signal Processing Data Scientist at RevoChem LLC (Houston, TX)

Open to both internship to hire, or direct hire based on experience level. Key Responsibilities - Conduct signal processing, cleaning, noise analysis & attenuation of chromatography data - Design, develop, implement, and verify algorithms to solve chromatogram curve fitting in 2D/3D, regression, optimization, classification, and pattern recognition problems using geochemical fingerprint data- Conduct data analysis on the geochemical fingerprint data using statistics tools such as PCA, clustering analysis, etc.- Establish database to manage geochemical fingerprint data and build cloud-based platform for customers to access and visualize their data - Design, develop and maintain an internal database and inventory to store, retrieve and manage laboratory data- Develop machine learning algorithm for designed test using the geochemical data in the database
- Design, develop and maintain a DASH/ based data visualization web server for customers to access the visualization of their data- Propose technology solutions to improve efficiency and automation.- Assist with management on strategic planning in terms of geochemical data analytics & mining, data management, and new data applications.Preferred Qualifications - M.S. or Ph.D. in Data Science, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, EE, Statistics, Geophysics or Physics or other related disciplines - Excellent coding skills with Python, JavaScript, MATLAB and other programming languages (C++, etc.)- Previous experience with data visualization tools such as Matplotlib, Plotly, DASH, Spotfire- Experience with database (SQL, etc) and online platform (AWS, etc.)- Exposure to machine learning - 1+ year of industry experience is preferred- Previous experience with chemical chromatography data processing is preferred but not required