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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Software Engineer at Syntagma Group (Princeton, NJ)

The AI/ML Software Engineer provides research, planning, design, and creates prototypes to validate new concepts and ideas.  Provides prototype-to-production support to the IT Team and Operational Teams by educating them on new concepts, and by assisting with implementing new services based on the new concepts and prototypes.  Fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation and gets all stakeholders actively involved.  Core functions and responsibilities includes researching new concepts and technologies, building prototypes, educating stakeholders and assisting in operationalizing new concepts.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the VP of Innovation on researching and evaluating new concepts and ideas.
  • Design and build prototypes to prove concepts based on current technologies utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.
  • Perform market research to identify methods and technologies that can support Verus’ business needs.
  • Design and implement a solid workable Microservices Architecture.
  • Assist with Profit & Loss analysis to determine if an initiative is worth pursuing.
  • Create and deliver professional presentations designed for all staff members and critical stakeholders.
  • Generate effective written reports that summarize key data and project updates, remaining mindful of audience requirements and perspectives.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements:

  • Demonstrated research skills with a wide range of techniques and methodologies.
  • Ability to build prototypes and systems with knowledge of all steps within the design process: conception, planning, initiation, and implementation.
  • Ability to identify complex problems and review related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
  • Experience with AI, NLP and ML algorithms.
  • Experience working with Open Source Software.
  • Proficiency in modern programming languages and methods.
  • Solid understanding of Microservices Architecture.
  • Experience implementing software using Microservices.
  • Understanding of both Relational and modern databases and corresponding query language such as SQL.
  • Self-motivated and ability to work independently as well as being a team player.
  • Ability to teach methods and ideas to other IT professionals.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to create professional presentations and present to peers and management. Effective written and verbal communication skills adapted to the intended audience.
  • Experience with cloud technology (AWS preferred) and designing solutions that leverage its unique advantages.
  • Worked with 3rd party web APIs.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent and five plus years of related work experience.
  • Position requires a willingness to work a flexible schedule.