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SAS Developer Statistician at CareSet (Houston, TX)

Mission: Decode 10+ years of Medicare claims for 50 million patients to extract insights about patients, providers and healthcare journeys for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. You will be our in-house SAS expert. You love data, and you love answering questions with data. You are not only able to write clean code, but you understand how to document your methods and approaches to make life easier for other developers. You also dont just look at the numbers and pass them on unexamined. You appreciate that data is only as good as the insights you get from them, and your technical skills help you get to those insights better and faster than anyone else. While numbers are your first language, you also enjoy conversations with people.
Outcomes:Review code of other SAS developers for completeness within 1 monthProduce high quality data analysis within 3 monthsProduce data analysis for a client on schedule within 6 months
Competencies: Advanced degree in Statistics, Mathematics or undergraduate degree in Mathematics, Statistics or Computer Science and 4+ years of practical SAS and PROC SQL experienceIntermediate SAS, SAS Macro and PROC SQL Experience working with clinical topics and healthcareRapidly takes in and comprehends new informationCommunicates clearly and conciselyWilling to create histograms of the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallowEfficient Produces well with little unnecessary activityAnalytical Makes sense of data and draws convincing analyses from itAttention to detail Knows which details matter and stays on top of themInterest in working at and growing with a start upBonus: STATA, R, Python experience
Bonus Competencies: Experience analyzing medical claims data

Location: Houston, TXPosition Type: Full-time permanent

About CareSet SystemsCareSet ( is transforming the way biomedical companies go to market. We believe in getting the best treatments to the right patients quickly and efficiently. We do that by analyzing government data sources, such as Medicare claims data. With CareSet, biomedical companies become better at serving the patient community. To apply, contact