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Software Engineer, Machine Learning at Mercari (Minato City, Japan)


You will be responsible for analyzing C2C purchasing data in order to provide our users with a better, safer e-commerce experience.

What you will be doing:

- Improving/enhancing customers' behavior prediction.

- Carrying out anomaly detection.

- Providing a recommendation engine.

- Optimizing item search algorithms.

- Developing a system for image recognition.

Working together with our server-side engineers and data scientists, you will be involved with the end-to-end development processes, from algorithm design to implementation.


Minimum Requirements

- Experience and expertise in machine learning for more than 3 years.

- Experience working on end-to-end development of machine learning applications, including prototyping, model evaluation, and error analysis, using Python or other languages.

- Experience developing web services using Flask, Django, or other web frameworks.

- Fundamental knowledge of RDBMS and SQL.

- Experience leading various projects and, proposing solutions to tackle problems, based on knowledge of domain-specific services and systems.

- Ability to read and understand technical papers and documentation.

- Basic software engineering skills.


- Experience with large-scale data analysis and processing.

- Experience in leading a team of more than 2 members for more than 2 years.

- Experience in training new grads with machine learning, programming and system development.

- Experience using TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, or other deep learning frameworks.

- Experience developing and maintaining microservices using Docker/Kubernetes.

- Experience using cloud services such as AWS or GCP.

- Experience publishing or presenting academic papers.

- Experience applying for patents.


Contract Type


Probationary Period: 3 months (salary same as above)



Work Hours

Fixed working hours 10:00-19:00

Flex time (core hours 12:00-16:00, 60 minute lunch)


Annual salary, paid monthly

Based on your experience, skills and potential

Reviewed twice a year


Two days off per week, Japanese national holidays, New Year's vacation etc.

Paid Leave, Bereavement Leave, Relax Days, Sick Leave