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Data Scientist at SentiLink (San Francisco, CA)

As a data scientist at SentiLink, you will be responsible for developing the models that identify fraudsters and disambiguate identity. In addition to developing SentiLink's core product, you will interface with teams across the business: prioritizing manual review for risk analysts, running pilots, providing analysis to support our business development team, and helping to productionalize these systems and ensure scalability.

You Will

  • Build out SentiLink’s core product, developing models to detect fraud and disambiguate identities
  • Write production code that can be relied on for real-time decision making by our partners including top banks
  • Work with data engineering to access necessary data, maintain data quality, and support data access for other teams
  • Develop queues of applications for the risk operations to review, and communicate with them to stay on top of fraud trends
  • Monitor our models and fraud trends
  • Provide ad-hoc analyses

You Should Have

  • Experience with Python and Pandas
  • Solid understanding of different machine learning models and their trade-offs
  • Comfort analyzing data
  • Experience writing production code and tests
  • Strong product focus 
  • A PhD or Master’s in a technical field plus work experience


  • Experience in fintech/financial services/lending/insurance industries or identity solutions
  • Experience with Spark or other distributed computing frameworks
  • Data engineering experience (scaling databases, writing ETL pipelines)
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services
  • Strong SQL