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Senior Computer Vision Specialist at Authentic Vision (Himmelreich, Österreich)

Authentic Vision's approach
Authentic Vision is technology-leader when it comes to the verification of optically variable devices / security devices on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, ...) without any additional equipment.
We believe one of our factors for success is to apply processes and strategies from "traditional" software development to Computer Vision. We have extensive QA for computer vision algorithms, fully-automated builds as well as automated release-tests based on EER, FAR/FRR and conversion speed. We maintain a custom-designed system to organize our test-data, run (k-fold) experiments automatically on server-clusters as well as maintaining key parts of our algorithms in Python and C++. This ensure rapid prototyping, easy debugging as well as high-performing productive code.

To realize our vision and improve our technology further, we're looking to hire you.

Your Responsibilities, Activities and Tasks

  • Algorithm Design (Research, Concept, Prototyping, Evaluation) for computer-vision based verification solutions of security devices featuring optical variable devices (holograms)
  • Designing computer vision applications for end-users in uncontrolled environments
  • Passionate about effective and fast prototyping + evaluation
  • Implementation of Computer Vision Algorithms in C++ for production
  • Performance-optimization for real-time video processing on smartphones
  • Design of authentication systems for computer-vision based hologram verification
  • Security considerations and counter-measures for attacks beyond spoofing and presentation/impostor attacks
  • Identifying, rating and closing attack vectors
  • Analysis of algorithm performance (correctness, speed, ...) from real-world data / telemetry
    • Design and implement representative data sets and evaluation systems
    • Detection of anomalies and designing corrective / preventive strategies

Essential Skills

  • 5y+ experience in Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition or similar fields.
  • Fluent in English (written, spoken)
  • Clear and structured working attitude
  • Passionate about thinking outside the box and coming up with own ideas beyond the state of the art.
  • You think two steps ahead and identify upcoming problems early, so you are able to identify alternatives.
  • You enjoy analyzing real-world use-cases and data and transform customer requirements into technical ones.
  • You have experience in estimating an algorithm’s run-time, performance/accuracy and implementation effort basedon minimal prototyping.
  • Committed to honor goals and deadlines. You're comfortable to work in a research-setting, where product features are planned and announced based on your estimated algorithm performance and delivery time.
  • Ability to prioritize and estimate impact of implementation aspects.

Preferred Skills

  • Computer Vision experience in the industry / outside academic research
  • Master's degree and/or PhD in Computer Vision, Machine Learning or similar fields.
  • Computer Vision / Machine-Learning applications on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets)
  • Publications, Open Source contributions

Further information

  • Interview will include Problem-Solving exercise
  • There will be an offline coding-exercise
  • Including reference projects / publications / open-source project contribution etc. in your application is a benefit.