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Domain Architect Data at Kindred Group (Stockholm, Sweden)

We are looking for a great Architect to join our Data Department!

Using data in the right ways is a big driver for Kindred for initiatives like personalisation, real-time and self-service and to take decisions based on data that will help us becoming optimizing our business. Kindred's ambition is to be fully data-driven, to work smarter and enabling using data in new ways to drive revenues and to provide a better and unique experience for our customers.

We want to have a have a best in class data platform that lets us excel on these initiatives and are right now in the process of taking our data platform to the next level. When building our new platform we are considering exciting parameters like how to best use cloud and what could be more suitable for on-premise. Other aspects to consider are how do we best support going into new geographical regions and how do we best design our platform for scalability and with a cost effective approach.

Our vision is to drive and support Kindred to become and to be recognized as the most data-driven gambling company in the world! To support this vision we have five Data teams focusing on different areas.

  • Our Data Pipeline team focusing on managing and maintaing our real-time and batch flow of data into our Data platform and making sure all data is correctly described, accessible and always ready to be used by all stakeholders.
  • Our Data Engineering team focusing on enriching and making sense out of the raw data and integrating external data together with the Data Pipeline team.
  • Our BI & Reporting team is a very business facing team focusing on delivering top-class self-service, reporting and other solutions that support efficient data-driven decision making.
  • Our Big Data team focusing on delivering solutions supporting Kindred with initiatives like personalisation, automation and efficient decision-making using smart algorithms, often in real-time.
  • Our Gibraltar Data team focusing on our UK focused brands and building and maintaining a platform for these needs including Data Warehousing and BI.

We are a department of more than 50 skilled data engineers, all passionate about delivering top-class data solutions using what technology best fit for purpose. The architect we are looking for will join the Data Department supporting the whole Data department and you will have your base in our Data Pipeline team.

If you have great enterprise experience with designing data solutions, are up to date with tools, technologies and best practices, enjoy the challenge to be part of designing our new data platform and also have great communication and collaboration skills this could be the role for you!

About the role

  • Identify options for what data technologies and designs to be used to meet our requirements with performance, data quality, ease of maintenance and business value in mind
  • Facilitate technical workshops and design discussions on daily basis together with the Data teams
  • Support our transformation into a more real-time focused data platform and what the best design could be for different needs and scenarios
  • Proactively and continuously review our architecture, identify improvement areas and bring them up for discussions and possible solutions with the teams
  • Support implementing a schema management and meta-data process that starts all the way from where the data is being created
  • Maintain documentation of our architecture and our technical roadmap
  • Set up and follow up on KPIs for performance and data quality together with the Data teams
  • Support setting up standards and adopting to best practices together with the teams
  • Define non-functional requirements for the data platform and make sure they can be measured and taken action on
  • Make sure the architecture meets both functional and non-functional requirements
  • Work closely with the central Enterprise Architect team to make sure processes, high level requirements and long-term architectural goals are aligned

Your experience

  • Have a strong data engineering background. You fully understand key concepts and different design options for things like data pipeline, real-time messaging, cloud, data aggregations, big data, machine learning, business intelligence, self-service and their role in the data eco-system.
  • Extensive experience working with different data technologies both on high level and being hands-on
  • Fully understand what it means to manage data at enterprise level where data quality is key
  • Have experience dealing with data in batch way as well as real-time when it comes to ingesting, aggregating, consuming and visualizing in a context where many terabytes of data needs to be handled
  • You are fluent in designing data structures and know pros and cons of different options
  • Experience with Big Data technologies, how different technologies could be used and how to integrate them

Your background

  • You stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the data area
  • You like attending conferences, meetups and always learning new things
  • You follow what benefits cloud offerings could give and not give
  • You are curious about finding different technical options for how to solve a problem
  • You think about technologies as tools available to solve a business need
  • You like running workshops using the whiteboard for discussing options and design
  • You enjoy taking different viewpoints into considerations
  • You are a good communicator and able to talk about technology also with less experienced people
  • You are passionate about always improving our solutions
  • You enjoy taking initiatives and are self-motivated to do a great job