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Associate Director - Search Tech Engineering at Wayfair (Boston, MA)

Shopping for the home is often overwhelming. Wayfair is an extreme case – it’s visited by two million people daily, shopping across more than 10 million products: Home furnishings, décor, home improvement, housewares, and more. Our software engineering teams work hard to conceal the complexity of this experience. Every customer should come away feeling like they’ve found the perfect item for them. Shopping for the home should be exciting, and we’re the team that makes that happen.

Search Technologies is a highly impactful team at Wayfair looking for a leader for our customer facing platform team.  We build fast, reliable and powerful customer-facing search systems across all Wayfair platforms. Our infrastructure provides the most enjoyable browsing and shopping experience for our customers and partners. Search Technologies is very collaborative, as we partner with storefront and app teams, data science, infrastructure teams and operational engineering teams to create a holistic search experience for Wayfair’s customers.

This team develops and maintains all the back-end systems that a customer interacts with when they click into the search bar on Wayfair’s sites. We use Natural Language Processing techniques and human-computer interaction techniques to develop systems that can understand customer intent from a variety of available signals. From there, we partner with our analytics and data science teams to provide meaningful product results to customers through a variety of approaches and tools, including machine learning, natural language processing, and information retrieval.

What you’ll do:

  • Manage a team of 10+ NLP (Natural Language Processing) and IR (Information Retrieval) engineers.
  • Collaborate with Front-End Engineering teams, QA, Analytics, and product managers to provide features that enable customers to seamlessly interact with Wayfair’s site.
  • Create and maintain systems that interpret customer text searches, providing meaningful navigation responses to our storefront applications.
  • Develop and improve relevance in our primary product search Solr collections by partnering with Data Science, Site Merchandising and other teams to provide relevant results to customers.
  • Leverage Natural Language Processing techniques to build better semantic understanding of customer intent and searches.
  • Create Big Data and Machine Learning pipelines to augment and enhance search experience by providing search suggestions, allowing for expanded personalization, and enriching search relevance.
  • Create new capabilities for improved customer experience by providing Search capabilities for front-end teams to quickly and efficiently traverse the Wayfair catalog of products, customer reviews and other text-heavy data-sources.

What you’ll need:

  • 12+ years’ experience managing a software engineering team with concentration in NLP or information retrieval
  • Experience with Lucene-based search engines like Solr or Elasticsearch
  • Experience & Comfort managing a small but highly effective engineering team
  • Python or Java experience preferred
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval
  • Experience in relational database (MS SQL or similar) schema design, optimization and architecture
  • Experience using Docker, Kubernetes or other containerization technologies is a plus
  • A continuous drive to explore, enhance, automate and optimize distributed systems
  • Ability to work creatively and problem solve independently
  • Comfortable working in a collaborative, fast-paced and dynamic work environment