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Developer Relations: Global Community of Knowledge Graph and Reasoning Engine at Grakn Labs (London, UK)

As a Developer Relations, your job will be a mix of being a Software Engineer and Technology Evangelist. You will develop applications that demonstrate the power of Grakn and also grow Grakn's pioneering community, which is growing fast from San Francisco all the way to Mumbai. Our community consists of developers who create powerful and intelligent applications in industries such as life sciences, security & defence, financial services and autonomous vehicles.

Your job as a Developer Relations is to educate and empower software engineers around the world to succeed in developing with Grakn. You are the Grakn evangelist engineer, and your mission is to empower the community. You will build various applications that demonstrate the power of Grakn, from simple to advanced, and produce technical content, such as tutorials, webinars and blog posts to promote them. You will become an expert in the database field as you research and compare Grakn versus other technologies. You will help community members to develop and scale their application with Grakn, as well as maintain meaningful relationships with them to strengthen the community. By working with community members, you will understand and demonstrate the value of Grakn in different domains and industries. Last but not least, you will share your knowledge through Grakn community events and other local Meetup groups frequently.


  • University degree in a Computer Science related field, or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • 2 years of working experience as a Software Engineer
  • Programming experience in OOP languages
  • Proven technical writing skills through developer blogs and publications
  • Proven public speaking skills through developer events and conferences
  • Proven ability to convey complex technical concepts to technical and non-technical audiences
  • Passionate about engaging with developer communities, online and in-person
  • Passionate about empowering others to reach their wildest dreams
  • Passionate about leading a visionary movement forward
  • Able and enjoys to travel internationally frequently

Bonus skills

  • Proven experience in organising developer events
  • Proven experience in working with open source communities
  • Entrepreneurial experience in founding a startup
  • Open-source community leadership or management¬†experience
  • Graph Computing
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Database Systems