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Data Scientist - Deep Learning at CliniComp, Intl. (San Diego, CA)

Job SummaryThe Data Scientist researches and implements approaches to model complex physiological, tabular, and/or imaging data and discover insights through the use of statistical, algorithmic, mining, and visualization techniques under the direction of the Director/Principal Researcher. Works with other Data Scientists, Analysts and Engineers to improve existing models, workflows, and databases using quantitative methods.Primary Responsibilities Research and develop AI/Deep Learning algorithms for electronic health care applications. Clearly communicate the design and operation of implemented algorithms (short reports, diagrams). Work expertly with intermediate data structures (e.g., SQL databases, flat files, NoSQL databases) Implement neural network models (e.g. CNNs, RNNs), machine learning algorithms, and statistical analyses in Python using PyTorch, TensorFlow, scipy, sklearn, etc. Maintain breadth of knowledge in latest developments in AI/machine learning and industry best practices. Optimize algorithm parameters, and work with data engineers to ensure the usage of high quality data and correct application of statistical methods and assumptions. Improve the CCI internal C/C++ libraries and integrate the library with AI frameworks. Use internal ticketing system tools (Softzilla and Service Direct) to report and document work according to CCI standards and protocols Work in collaboration with other departments for the deployment of software releases and updates. Contribute to and maintain documentation on the use of developed tools, machine learning cluster infrastructure, software, and algorithms. Contribute to administering our R&D infrastructure, including recommendations for hardware. Support, improve, and optimize analytical software as needed.