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Experienced Data Engineer at Blue Orange Digital (Alexandria, VA)

Job Description 

We are looking for an experienced Data Engineer with a preference for Python that will be responsible for managing ETL/ELT and performant data storage and retrieval. Our projects ingest data from multiple sources, wrangles the disparate data into a unified schema, and then provides a final database/cloud storage for reporting efforts by other groups.  We are looking for candidates proficient related AWS services and DBs.

Your primary focus will be the development of server-side logic, data ingestion, data wrangling, and algorithm development. Major technologies involved include AWS, Python 3, Spark, Pandas, MySQL.

Skills And Responsibilities

  • Development of new RDBMS schema to handle the addition of new datasets.
  • Applicable AWS proficiency
  • Comfortable with Containerization (Docker, Vagrant, etc)
  • Ability to write intermediate to advanced SQL for data wrangling and reporting efforts.
  • Development of Python/Pandas code to wrangle multiple datasets covering a full spectrum of ETL tasks including entity resolution.
  • Occasional Linux server management including the review or management of log files, crontab, security configuration, etc.
  • Familiarity with machine learning topics to support supervised and unsupervised classification efforts.
  • Data exploration, analysis, and reporting skills with an eye towards developing a narrative using Jupyter Notebook.
  • Working understanding of REST APIs.
  • Developing techniques to work with both tabular and hierarchical data. 

The ideal candidate:

  • Motivated by a passion to create highly fault-tolerant apps with excellent design practices
  • Enjoys collaborating with other engineers on architecture and sharing designs with the team 
  • Has experience collaborating with team members and communicating code patterns.
  • Interacts with others using sound judgment, good humor, and consistent fairness in a fast-paced environment