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Product Manager [Digital B2B Platform] at 3D Hubs (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

3D Hubs is far more than 3D printing, and we're only getting BIGGER! 3D Hubs makes high-quality manufacturing methods instantly accessible to Engineers all over the world with our digital platform. And behind the scenes we're equipping our Software Products for ever more tangible applications within the $13 trillion Manufacturing Industry. Following our 2019 funding we'll continue to bring Digital Innovation to the Industrial World. The Product If you're looking for a Tech Scale-up in Amsterdam that's utilising A.I. Software to produce something other than Banking Bonuses, there are few to choose from. But none will have the tangible impact on people's lives that 3D Hubs has been producing since 2013. Literally millions of Metallic & Plastic parts have been produced through our platform, with Instant Pricing enabled by our A.I. algorithms that would otherwise take weeks! For its ease-of-use our platform is used by over 20,000 Designers & Engineers, from humble startups to the biggest Fortune 500 names for; 3D Printing, CNC Machining & Injection Molding projects. The Role As a Product Manager you'll report to our CPO & Co-Founder in a team of 4 PMs and 3 Designers, each with your own Project Roadmaps in our Supplier & Customer Teams, as well as our R&D and Internal Tools Projects. You'll also be working with our Data Scientists and Software Engineers on a daily basis to improve the flow of sourcing custom parts online, and to ship high-quality features with the customer at the centre of every decision. And you'll have a supremely decisive role in how our B2B Products will develop through prioritizing features on the roadmap and working out solutions based on 'First Principles' thinking and Root Cause Analysis of what's causing issues and bottlenecks. The Mission It's our ambition to maintain our fast-paced development culture that has focused on results-over-process for the past 6 years. From instant quote to order management, we make sure our customers always get the best experience. Product Management is still an evolving art, and our Product Managers are pushing its limits to make 3D Hubs the default solution for millions of Designers and Engineers worldwide. Can you lead a Software Team to Instant Production Software for Metals & Plastics worldwide?