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AI Engineer at AVM Consulting Inc (Houston, TX)

We are looking for 4-13 years job experience for AI Engineer position based in Houston, Tx.Basic skills and knowledge required are:Degree in applied math, statistics, machine learning or computer science. MS is preferredDeep understanding of statistics and experience with machine learning algorithms/techniques.Proven programming skills, in particularPython, strong experience with DL frameworks such as Tensorflow, Torch and othersScientific expertise and real-world experience in deep learning (convolutional neural networks, LSTMs)Experience in building distributed deep learning models leveraging GPUsPassion for solving challenging analytical problemsAbility to quickly qualitatively and quantitatively assess a problemAbility to work productively with team members, identify and resolve tough issues in a collaborative manner.Experience in applying machine learning techniques to real-world problems in a production environmentExperience on Anaconda Enterprise platform.Experience is build & deploy machine-learning models at scale on Kubernetes.Additional Skills If any:Publications in the machine learning space is preferredWorked on large-scale, real-world problems in deep learning for a startup or large EnterpriseOpen source contribution in algorithms, libraries and frameworks in DLWorked on Distributed computing environment such as Hadoop, Spark etcExposure to NoSQL technologies such as MongoDB, CassandraPassion for dataExperience with participating and winning Hackathon/Kaggle like competitions in ML/DL areas