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Software Manager ( Semiconductor) at PriceSenz (San Jose, CA)

We are representing a pre-IPO fabless semiconductor company designing an SoC and related products for machine leaning acceleration that provide superior flexibility, efficiency, and programmability by combining the open-standard RISC-V CPU architecture with proprietary instruction-set extensions and highly optimized circuit design that enables lower power operation.

Position Title : Senior Manager / Head - IT (Semi Conductor)

Position Type : Full Time

Visa Status : US Citizen / Green Card ( No Visa Sponsorship)

Location(s) : Austin TX, San Jose CA

Compensation : Salary + Benefits + Attractive Stock Options

Summary of Requirements : Candidates will be Sr Manager and leader of software engineering aspects of the compony and reports to Vice President. Ideal candidate must be a good programmer in some form of Semi-Conductors before growing into Management function. Should be be very strong technical person who knows all about chip design structure, development, components, including embedded and interface. 8-10 years experience in the Industry.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Lead the company's overall software development effort

  • Develop a comprehensive roadmap for the software required to meet the company's product objectives

  • Create detailed plans and schedules required to produce the deliverables on the roadmap

  • Define an execute a staffing plan to acquire, organize, and retain the necessary software skills

    • including creating hiring plans, writing up job descriptions, and managing the recruitment processes

  • Provide the necessary organizational management functions for the SW (initially through direct line-management, and later through subordinate management)

Ensure the timely, high-quality production of all software deliverables (including, but not limited to, the following):

  • Basic system software suite for the ET SoC

    • Host-side: host-application-level SoC runtime interface and required Linux/Windows device drivers

    • Device-side: firmware for multi-core CPU complex, worker-cores, and management-processor

  • An optimized backend for Glow Compiler/Execution Engine, including any required libraries

  • Code required to integrate the ET SoC with (various open-source) tools for: debug, health/performance monitoring, firmware management, and console i/o

Define and manage the software testing and release process (for both internal and external customers)

  • Using well-disciplined processes (e.g., semantic versioning, CD/CI mechanisms, etc.)

  • Using the appropriate delivery formats -- e.g., containers, binary blobs, OS-specific packages, source collections, etc. -- and delivered via the appropriate artifact repositories (e.g., github, artifactory, dockerhub, etc.)

Make sure that the following exists for all major software components (before the start of coding):

  • Properly defined and documented APIs (preferably, in a machine-readable form)

  • Test plans

  • Schedules

  • Resource assignments

Manage the creation of SDKs for each of the major classes of customer enablement (as defined by the marketing-driven product roadmaps)

  • This is anticipated to include SDKs for ML Deployment and Development at scale, as well as an SDK that supports native programming of the ET SoC (i.e., not using a ML computational graph as input)

  • Including scripts, example code, and documentation needed to make full use of the ET SoC in a given environment

Create a high-performance parallelizing compiler group for the ET SoC

  • Ensure that the compiler provides optimized code for all major ML Frameworks (e.g., TF and PyTorch) as well as for native programming of the ET SoC

  • Research available open-source efforts (e.g., XLA and TVM) and recommend the best path for the company to pursue

  • Staff and manage a group capable of designing, implementing, and optimizing such a compiler

Put in place all necessary functions and processes to ensure efficient production of high-quality software, including:

  • Selection and management of required tool chains

  • Coding conventions, development workflows, design review processes, testing frameworks, and bug tracking systems

  • Creation and management¬†(either through hiring or contracting) of a dedicated SQA organization

Represent the company in software-related discussions during early customer engagements

Serve as the technical point of contact for early customer software support issues

  • Ensure that all issues are tracked and resolved in a timely fashion

  • Plan for a software maintenance organization at the appropriate point in time