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Senior Software Engineer, Quantum Applications and SDK at Rigetti Computing (Berkeley, CA)

Rigetti Computing is building the world’s most powerful computers to help solve humanity’s most pressing and important problems. These systems will perform computations that today’s fastest supercomputers are incapable of— unlocking entirely new classes of problems and offering a direct path to solutions. We are scientists, engineers, builders, and visionaries. We believe quantum computing is going to significantly affect health care, how we treat disease, how we generate energy, and how we feed humanity.As a software engineer in quantum applications working at Rigetti, you will be responsible for building and maintaining the software that will unlock the potential of quantum computing. Working closely with our team of talented software engineers and physicists, you will play a direct role in empowering users of Rigetti’s quantum computers.KEY RESPONSIBILITIES:
  • Develop and maintain open source tools and libraries for quantum programming focusing on near-term applications and algorithms, in areas such as chemistry, physics, optimization and machine learning.
  • You will be building amazing demos and benchmarking to showcase our quantum computer Contribute feedback and features to Rigetti’s SDK, Forest.
  • Promote usage of Rigetti’s Quantum Cloud Services (QCS) by creating useful abstractions, such as those for tomography and noise modeling, and unlocking near-term applications.
  • Effectively communicate and engage with 3rd party developer partners.
  • Work with key researchers as they develop applications (Physics, Chemistry, Optimization, etc.) that will be utilizing our Quantum computer to solve real problems in unique ways.
  • You love working as a key software developer straddling between application researchers and the team building quantum computer.


  • A Masters or PhD degree in Physics, Computer Science, Chemistry, or related field, or equivalent industry experience
  • Familiarity with modern software engineering practices including modularity, interfaces, unit testing, Git, maintainability
  • Knowledge of quantum computing and quantum algorithms or demonstrated ability to learn
  • Scientific and computational research
  • Proficiency in Python