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Director, Product and Data Science at MTS | Marketing Technology Solutions (Dallas, TX)

Researcher. Data-driven innovator. Analytics thought-leader.

We are looking for a Principal Data Scientist who can turn a marketing clients ideas into reality through functional analytical prototypes. This position works closely with our clients and agency teams to understand needs and to respond with working examples of possible solutions. The Innovation Team is not responsible for shipping products and as such is always available to work on new ideas that show clients the art of the possible.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing businesses on the Internet today, with about $70 billion of a $600 billion market already online. Search engines, Web publishers, major ad networks and ad exchanges are now serving billions of ad impressions per day and generating terabytes of user events data every day. The rapid growth of digital marketing has created enormous opportunities as well as technical challenges that demand computational intelligence. Computational marketing has emerged as a new interdisciplinary field that involves information retrieval, machine learning, data mining, statistics, operations research and micro-economics to solve challenging problems that arise in digital marketing. The central problem of computational marketing is to select an optimized experience for a consumer that maximizes the expected revenue and return on investment for marketers.  

MTS is innovating rapidly in this space to grow its share of this market by providing Omnicom agencies and their clients with a state-of-the-art marketing platform. MTS is at the core of this effort, responsible for research and development of all the algorithmic components in our marketing technology stack.

What youll do

    • end to end Internet scale services and systems that include scalable machine learning systems, platforms for high speed performance, massive data warehouses and mining insights from large, noisy and sparse datasets
    • Work on some of the biggest and most challenges problems in Computer Science (machine learning, data mining, scalable algorithms), computational marketing and mathematics (optimizations, probability theory)
    • Bring a unique IQ of understanding data through statistical techniques and building systems using cutting edge machine-learning algorithms at scale
    • Work closely with data engineering, data insights, product developers, feature engineering, marketing and sales, to provide deep insights and help make data-driven business decisions
    • Participate in unique opportunities to make product and business impact with executive visibility for enterprise-grade clients

What youve got

    • rs in mathematics, statistics, computer science or related field
    • Experience in building cloud-scale systems and experience working with open source stacks for data processing and data science strongly recommended
    • 10+ more years of relevant experience in statistical analysis, forecasting/predictive analytics and multivariate testing
    • 5+ years of excellent development skills in C++, Python, Java
    • Proficiency in using popular deep learning platforms such as TensorFlow/Azure ML/pyTorch, etc.
    • Strong programming skills in Python and open source big data map reduce stack like Hadoop/Spark/Flink etc. on large datasets
    • User/query intent understanding, document/ad understanding, user targeting
    • Relevance modeling, IR-based ad retrieval
    • User response (click and conversion) prediction using large scale machine learning algorithms
    • Marketplace mechanism design and optimization, and whole-page experience optimization
    • Personalization techniques through innovative new marketing technology products
    • Network protection, fraud detection, traffic quality measurement
    • Advertising metrics and measurement, including relevance and ad campaign effectiveness
    • Experience with marketing campaign planning, optimization and ad inventory supply-demand forecasting
    • Experimentation infrastructure including tools for configuring and launching experiments, dashboard, live marketplace monitoring and diagnosis
    • Experience in building, testing and deploying production quality models in cloud
    • Experience in mentoring junior data scientists by clarifying business problems
    • Ability to disambiguate loosely defined business problems by identifying patterns in data and solving customer problems
    • Excellent communication skills, ability to present and write reports, strong team work preferred
    • Experience in monetization and user growth is a plus
    • Ability to travel up to 25%
Director, Product and Data Science at MTS | Marketing Technology Solutions (Dallas, TX)