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Lead Data Scientist at MatrixCare (Minneapolis, MN)

In this Lead Data Scientist role, you will be responsible for the design, development, implementation and delivery of the organization's Machine Learning Products, including the components required to support it and the integration with the corporate and business architecture and applications.

As our Lead Data Scientist, you will:

    • Oversee Machine Learning Projects across the company from end-to-end including marketing optimization and product innovation
    • Lead a team of Data Scientists, Data Administrators, and Data Engineers and collaborate with cross-functional teams to build products
    • Develop and use advanced software programs, algorithms, query techniques, models to solve complex business problems, and automate processes end-to-end
    • Process, filter and present large quantities (Terabytes) of data using Natural Language Process (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML)
    • Designs and develops methods, processes, and systems to consolidate and analyze structured and unstructured, diverse sources including "big data" sources
    • Coordinate with software developers and database developers to implement data architecture standards and practices. Help select the right technologies to maintain flexibility and deliver high business value and results
    • Demonstrate up-to-date expertise in Machine Learning and apply to the development, execution, and improvement of action plans. Incorporate software and system architecture (e.g., infrastructure, network) into designs and standards.
    • Review designs to ensure scalability and applicability
    • Implementation of software best practices that lead to high-quality software related to test coverage, code reviews, and continuous integration and continuous delivery
    • Maximize professional development, personal contribution, and performance of team.
    • Review the work of others
    • Mentoring and training of software developers and database developers in areas pertaining to data
    • Maintain knowledge of current domains and strategic roadmaps
    • Good working knowledge of current application/system infrastructure
    • Ensure alignment of solutions with business and IT goals/objectives

Skills and Experience needed for this position:

    • MS or PhD in Statistics, Data Science, Physics, Mathematics, or a similar quantitative field
    • Understanding of healthcare data and healthcare opportunities
    • A proven and successful track record of leading teams through the successful delivery of advanced machine learning and statistical modeling that positively impact business performance
    • Understanding of probability and statistics, data science, machine learning, data management, and visualization technique
    • Experience with leading development in programming languages commonly used for data analysis, including R, Python, and Web development, such as Python, JavaScript, CSS and HTML
    • Experience with machine learning APIs and computational packages (TensorFlow, Theano, PyTorch, Keras, Scikit-Learn, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, statsmodels)
    • Very strong knowledge and experience with ETL tools, preferable SSIS
    • Very strong knowledge and experience with SQL, preferably Transact SQL
    • Knowledge and experience in DBMS performance and tuning

Our ideal candidate may also have:

    • 10+ years of hands-on work experience in R, Python implementing statistical models and machine learning models (anomaly detection, classification, clustering, time series prediction, regression models, etc.)
    • 10+ years of experience with large scale computing systems like Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark, and/or similar systems preferred
    • IT development experience with expertise with both transactional and data warehousing systems.
    • Proficient with AWS or Azure cloud computing environments.
    • Experience leading technical projects and/or teams and a desire to be both a technical and people leader
    • Knowledge and professional experience in data warehousing related infrastructure
    • Proficiency and experience with SQL relational databases, database concepts, dimensional modeling and database design.
    • Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
    • Proficiency with MS Visio
    • Healthcare Industry experience