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Data Scientist - Brazil at Nubank (Pinheiros, Brazil)

Data Science at Nubank

Nubank is a financial technology company that is rethinking financial services in Brazil. We are always looking for outstanding Data Scientists (as well as Modelers, Statisticians, AI Practitioners and Machine Learning Engineers) to help us to build proprietary algorithms that predict responsiveness to a vary of customer behaviours to help us solve major company challenges and continuously improve customer experience.

We believe in:

  • Good team chemistry;

  • Enthusiasm for building and delivering new features and products;

  • Capacity to keep learning new things while constantly improving what we are already good at;

  • Collaborating efficiently to ship a great product experience to our customers.

What are the challenges Data Scientists face at Nubank?

  • Create thousands of new predictive variables using your intuition, sociological insight and automation techniques;

  • Discover and evaluate the usefulness of new data sources;

  • Automate the creation of hundreds of different machine learning models;

  • Find the most best audience for our products;

  • Underwrite and assign client profile to applicants;

  • Thwart identity theft and credit card transaction fraud;

At Nubank we don't shy away from using the latest and greatest machine learning algorithms and techniques; in fact, we encourage them. We have a rich dataset with natural language text, images, graphs, and much more, as well as more traditional sources of financial data. We also have an almost endless set of models to build, including everything from credit scoring to text tagging.


  • Be thoughtful and attentive with everything that you are developing, showing great attention to detail;

  • Has a burning desire to apply data-driven solutions to tackle real-world problems;

  • Curious and always trying to find new, better solutions in everything you start;

  • Like finding new, better solutions to “solved problems”;

  • Fast learner and easygoing, looking forward to work in a fast pace environment.

Must have:

  • Programming proficiency in any programming language (Solves problems using clean code);

  • Deep understand about modern Machine Learning techniques (Could teach how the most used machine learning models work);

  • English language proficiency, Portuguese is not required (Able to communicate and argue in English).

Bonus points:

  • 3+ years of relevant professional or academic experience in a highly quantitative field (e.g. statistics, computer science, mathematics, physics, genetics, econometrics, bio statistics, epidemiology)

  • Multiple notable finishes in machine learning competitions;

  • Contribution to multiple data science projects;

  • Diverse Machine Learning knowledge (Reinforcement Learning, NLP, recommendation systems, unsupervised...);

  • Experience working with languages that support statistical learning (e.g. Python, R, Scala);

  • An advanced ability to work on distributed cloud platforms and interact with databases;

  • Experience designing experiments and scientific thinking.