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Autonomous Systems Engineer at GeoControl Systems (Houston, TX)

Are you passionate about human space exploration or understanding the origins of the universe, and working with a

dynamic and diverse team to make a difference? If you are, we need you!

We need your commitment, teamwork, and energy to help us achieve great things that inspire humans all over the globe.

We need you to bring innovative ideas and diverse backgrounds to help us envision, shape, and deliver systems that will

benefit the quality of life of people around the world. We are excited about what we do, and we need you on our team

as we take on new challenges for NASAs pursuits in deep space exploration. Jacobs is NASAs largest engineering

solutions provider working alongside NASA at centers across the United States.

We have the unique and significant role to partner with NASA at Johnson Space Center (JSC), to be part of every human

spaceflight program the International Space Station (ISS), NASAs Orion spacecraft, which will carry astronauts into

deep space, and Gateway, the orbiting platform providing the home for astronauts to work and travel back and forth to

the moons surface, and serving as the platform for deep space exploration. From critical systems on the ISS to enable

astronauts to live and work in space; to performing advanced development for systems leading to deep space exploration;

to being part of the foundation for Gateway.

We also partner with NASA at JSC, the only NASA center in the United States to curate all astromaterial samples

returned from exploration missions, to perform curation services, orbital debris analysis, and basic research to further

humankinds understanding of the origins of our solar system.

We need you to be a part of our team!

We are currently in need of an Autonomous Systems Engineer to join our team with MTS, a JETS teammate company. Do

you have the following skills?

As an Autonomous Systems Engineer you will:

- Develop methods to integrate task planning and scheduling into autonomous spacecraft systems.

- Assess technologies for the development of advanced autonomous task execution.

- Develop methods to ensure plans respect resource constraints.

- Develop technology to enable large scale, distributed task planning and scheduling.

- Work with Flight Software experts to integrate planning technologies into flight critical software.

- Perform other duties as required.


- BS degree in engineering from an accredited engineering school and five (5) years of related engineering experience, or

a MS degree from an accredited engineering school and four (4) years of related engineering experience, or Ph.D. from

an accredited engineering school and zero (0) years of related experience.

- Experience with constrained task planning or scheduling algorithms, such as Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP).

- Experience with complex distributed systems.

- Experience using task planning, scheduling, and task execution technologies on cyber physical systems.

- Excellent communication, negotiation and coordination skills and strong customer service attitude.


- Experience developing software across the full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

- Spacecraft Avionics and Software Architecture

- NASA software and systems development standards

- Proficiency with C/C++ coding

- Proficiency with Linux

- Proficiency with scripting languages such as Python