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NLP Developer at Diverse Lynx (Charlotte, NC)

Job Description

Profile: NLP Developer
Preferred Location:  Charlotte or Pennington


The Enterprise Process Oversight Reporting and Analytics team designs and develops reports and dashboards which drive daily business decisions. Qualified individuals should have a keen interest in combining data from multiple sources to create reporting, help drive decisions, and are passionate about breaking down complex business problems and providing well-design data science solutions which make a significant impact.

Must have a passion for building NLP (natural language processing) algorithms from scratch, leading large NLP efforts, teaching / explaining how NLP algorithms work, comfortable with extreme documentation, and should love improving the way people consume information. Must be comfortable with investing full self to build an NLP shop from scratch. Must be excited to be part of a fast pace organization, and enjoy the idea of understanding the root driver of our customers need in order to improve their financial lives. Having a background in machine learning (Data Robot), deep learning is valued.

Required Skills

·        4 - 6 years of professional experience in NLP programming
·        Fluent in Spanish – ability to code and communicate fluently in Spanish
·        Heavy programming skills; linguistics, text mining/ data mining
·        Demonstrated background in NLP and machine learning. Preference for degrees in computer science, information retrieval, statistics, applied math, or other quantitative field
·        Demonstrated track record of publication in peer reviewed journals and conferences
·        Track-record of having developed Client algorithms
·        NLP programming in R and or Python / Anaconda
·        Background with moving large data sets across Hadoop, SQL, ORACLE
·        Solid background in statistical learning techniques for NLP (HMMs, CRFs, SVMs, LDA, LSI, MRFs)
·        Must have Client/NLP algorithm implementation experience as well as the ability to create / modify standard algorithms (e.g. change objectives, work-out the math and implement)
·        Experience in deep learning - phonetics (valued)
·        Experience in one or more of the following areas: entity/relation extraction, information extraction, summarization, semantics, document classification, ontology, question answering, and knowledge graph
·        Experience on modern deep learning approaches to NLP: word/paragraph embedding's, structured prediction, sentiment analysis, disambiguation
·        Ability to consistently deliver results across shifting priorities and deadlines in fast paced environment
·        Ability to work with a 'sense of urgency' in order to meet critical deadlines
·        Detail oriented with strong investigative and problem solving skills
·        Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
·        Ability to proactively engage in a teamwork culture


·        Advanced degree in Data Science with a focus in NLP valued
·        Ability to indirectly manage peer level associates who are part of problem solving teams
·        Background in teaching NLP algorithms to beginners and advanced Data Scientists
·        Experience with large scale data analysis tools such as Spark, Hadoop
·        Background in machine learning techniques (Data Robot)