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Oracle DBA with PL/SQL Consultant at Synergy Global Technologies (Charlotte, NC)

Job Description

 Our client is looking for a Oracle DBA and PL/SQL Consultant for a 4 month opportunity starting in early April. This is the Oracle Database architecture - SGA, PGA, Background and Foreground Processes. RAC architecture and when to use single node vs. more nodes, Database 12c Architecture, Physical Database Design, Transaction Processing, Data Warehousing / Mixed Workloads, Data Reporting, Extraction, PL/SQL, Exadata, Database management using OEM, AWR Report, SQL Developer/Toad, Data Modeling
• Performance tuning skills needed     
• How to rewrite PL/SQL, not processing row by row     
• How to rewrite SQL to leverage Exadata smartscan     
• How to design partitions for performance/purging/archiving     
• When/when not  to parallel with DBRM     
• How to enable concurrent Statistics collection     
• How to tune all performance-related parameters     
• Experience using Oracle DB architecture for OLTP, DW, mixed workloads
• Know correct approach to refresh lower environments