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Platform Engineer - AWS, Python, Lambda at Computer Enterprises, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA)

Senior AWS Platform Engineer

Location: Philadelphia, PA, 19103

Job Description

Platform engineering and cloud excellence combined with the demands of a high volume, highly-visible analytics platform make this an exciting challenge for the right candidate.

Are you passionate about digital media, entertainment, and software services? Do you like big challenges and working within a highly-motivated team environment?

As a Platform Engineer in dx Data Experience team, you will research develop, support and deploy solutions using real-time distributed computing architectures. Our mission is to enable many diverse users with the tools and information to gather, organize, make sense of Comcast data, and make it universally accessible to empower, enable, and transform Comcast into an insight-driven organization. The dx big data organization is a fast-moving team of world-class experts who are innovating in end-to-end data delivery. We are a team that thrives on big challenges, results, quality, and agility.

Who does the Platform engineer work with?

Platform Engineering is a diverse collection of professionals who work with a variety of teams ranging from other software engineering teams whose software integrates with analytics services, service delivery engineers who provide support for our product, testers, operational stakeholders with all manner of information needs, and executives who rely on data for data-based decision making.

What are some interesting problems youll be working on?

Develop solutions capable of processing millions of events per second and multi-billions of events per day, providing both a real time and historical view into the operation of Comcasts wide array of systems. Design collection and enrichment system components for quality, timeliness, scale and reliability.Work on high performance real time data stores and a massive historical data stores using best-of-breed and industry-leading technology. Build platforms that allow others to design, develop, and apply advanced statistical methods and Machine Intelligence algorithms, fostering self-service capabilities and ease of use across Data Experience (dx) and the entire Technology, Product, Xperience (TPX) organization landscape and beyond!

Where can you make an impact?

The dx Team is building the core components needed to drive the next generation of data platforms and data processing capability. Building data products, identifying trouble spots, and optimizing the overall user experience is a challenge that can only be met with a robust data architecture capable of providing insights that would otherwise be drowned in an ocean of data.

Success in this role is best enabled by a broad mix of skills and interests ranging from traditional distributed systems software engineering prowess to the multidisciplinary field of data science.


· Build capabilities that analyze massive amounts of data both in real-time and batch processing

· Prototype ideas for new tools, products and services

· Employ rigorous continuous delivery practices managed under an agile software development approach

· Ensure a quality transition to production and solid production operation of the platforms

· Raise the bar for the Engineering team by advocating leading edge practices such as CI/CD, containerization and test-driven development (TDD)

· Enhance our DevOps practices to deploy and operate our systems

· Automate and streamline our operations and processes

· Build and maintain tools for deployment, monitoring and operations

· Troubleshoot and resolve issues in our development, test and production environments

· As a senior engineer, act as a leader within the team; demonstrate and model engineering and collaborative behaviors for less experienced engineers in the team; encourage collaborative problem solving to complex product requirements and technical constraints; be a champion of contemporary team collaboration, agile product development, engineering, and integration practices.

Here are some of the specific technologies we use:

·         Apache Kafka, Kinesis Stream

·         Spark (AWS EMR), AWS Lambda

·         Spark Streaming and Batch

·         Avro, Parquet

·         MemSQL, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, RDBMS

·         Caching Frameworks (ElastiCache)

·         Elasticsearch, Beats, Logstash, Kibana

·         Java, Scala, Go, Python, R, Node.js

·         Git, Maven, Gradle, Jenkins

·         Rancher, Puppet, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes

·         Linux

·         Hadoop (HDFS, YARN, ZooKeeper, Hive)

·         Presto

Skills & Requirements:

· 7+ years programming experience

· Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science, Statistics or related discipline

· Experience in software development of large-scale distributed systems including proven track record of delivering backend systems that participate in a complex ecosystem.

· Experience in data related technologies and open source frameworks preferred

· Proficient in Unix/Linux environments

· Knowledge of network engineering and security

· Test-driven development/test automation, continuous integration, and deployment automation

· Enjoy working with data analysis, data quality and reporting

· Excellent communicator, able to analyze and clearly articulate complex issues and technologies understandably and engagingly

· Great design and problem-solving skills

· Adaptable, proactive and willing to take ownership

· Keen attention to detail and high level of commitment

· Thrives in a fast-paced agile environment. ?Requirements change quickly and our team needs to constantly adapt to moving targets

About Comcast dx (Data Experience):

dx (Data Experience) is a results-driven, data platform research and engineering team responsible for the delivery of multi-tenant data infrastructure and platforms necessary to support our data-driven culture and organization. We have an overarching objective to gather, organize, and make sense of Comcast data with intention to reveal business and operational insight, discover actionable intelligence, enable experimentation, empower users, and delight our stakeholders. Members of the dx team define and leverage industry best practices, work on extremely large-scale data problems, design and develop resilient and highly robust distributed data organizing and processing systems and pipelines as well as research, engineer, and apply data science and machine intelligence disciplines.

Our mission is to enable many diverse users with the tools and information to gather, organize, make sense of Comcast data, and make it universally accessible to empower, enable, and transform Comcast into an insight-driven organization.