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Senior Data Scientist at 1872 Consulting (Boston, MA)

Job Description

Position Overview

Serve as a senior member of the team focused on data science, machine learning, stochastic generation models, data visualization, algorithm development, natural language processing, etc. This position reports to the Director of Data Science but collaborates directly with product and engineering groups to support and develop new features and products. In addition, this person will participate in marketing initiatives to share research results and promote market awareness.

Objectives & Responsibilities

-Collaboration with product and engineering groups to design ratings for new data inputs and risk vectors
-Develop techniques for extracting firmographics from a variety of data sources
-Extend existing risk models
-Visualization and presentation for products and external publications
-Conduct research and reporting on the security environment and data landscape
-Conduct research, writing, and presentations in support of marketing activities and customer engagements to promote key findings and capabilities and explain data and ratings concepts
-Apply data science and machine learning to other challenges within our company including but not limited to the modeling of customer data, sales opportunities, company asset discovery, and cybersecurity research tools


-Ownership mentality and entrepreneurial drive, proven ability to work autonomously
-Strong technical background with expertise in machine learning or statistics or data-driven social science (e.g., Economics) or data-driven cybersecurity or data-driven computer networking or in another relevant area
-Strong communication and analytical skills including the ability to identify and frame initially vague problems and communicate solutions
-Expert with the Python data science toolset, or with R, Matlab, SAS, etc. but with a willingness to switch to Python
-Familiarity with distributed data processing and data storage technologies
-Basic knowledge of computer networks
-Masters, Ph.D., or commensurate experience