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AI Engineer. Rolls-Royce Plc. at Rolls-Royce Plc (London, UK)

Rolls-Royce R2 Data Labs are at the heart of driving the digitisation of our businesses to produce better products and re-imagined services for our diverse set of customers.

We are seeking AI professional to help drive the next stage in the formation of a world-class AI & Big Data capability at Rolls-Royce.  We have globally dispersed teams of data specialists, data scientists and an emerging AI core team that work in high capability teams (cells) to discover, invent and deploy a continuous stream of business Value.  Our cells are tasked with finding value from across our Civil Aviation, Power Systems and Defence businesses to then explore business viability and value through prototypes that either fails forward fast or transition to become our next generation business portfolio.  With multiple internationally connected hubs of AI experts in anomaly detection, data mining, deep learning, computer vision, NLP, and machine learning, your role is to become an active contributor of the group to help it become a recognized world-leader in the use of AI/Big Data. 

You will be working alongside colleagues who have been delivering frontier data and advanced analytics solutions that have delivered exceptional business value.   Seventy percent of your effort will be to release value across our business units and 30 percent on R&D that seeks to explore the techniques, architectures and technologies at the frontier so that we are positioned to exploit for early commercial gain. You will be a natural networker and an active / constant learner - poised to build a corporate reputation that recognises Rolls-Royce as a leader and major collaborator in the field of AI and new digital business models.

This is a unique opportunity to explore and embed the latest techniques in Machine Learning (including Deep Learning) and Natural Language understanding across multiple industry sectors that will radically influence our design, manufacturing and after-sales services as we forge the next generation of intelligent power. 


  • Design, Code and Deploy AI enabled solutions for real world, large scale problems
  • Build-out our world class AI, data science & research organization to develop industry leading algorithms that delivers transformational business value
  • An active member of sprint teams that will utilise or advise machine learning systems deployable across various projects including data pipelines, model generation, and training and inference engines – ensuring our commitments are delivered
  • Advance the international recognition of Rolls-Royce as a thought leader in AI and an active participant in commercial and academic dialogue.  You will have the opportunity to represent Rolls-Royce in conferences and business discussions on how Rolls-Royce is leveraging the transformational power of AI and Big Data
  • Provide (hands-on) assistance to sprint teams across our businesses on best use of AI and data wrangling, providing cutting edge expertise and understanding of the mathematical and artificial intelligence based techniques available to assist in making decisions from diverse datasets
  • Serve as a go to point for guiding the selection and coding of applied math and AI techniques that offer the most promise for solving a diverse set of commercial problems and opportunities
  • Challenge our current best thinking, test theories, evaluate feature concepts and iterate rapidly

Experience & Qualifications:

  • Commercial experience of turning AI into commercial gain which has grown market share or developed new lines of business
  • Multiple assignments, where AI or advanced analytics became the engine of growth for a company - you must be able to demonstrate highly evolved hands-on AI / Data wrangling coding skills
  • Extensive programming experience in one or more of the following: C, C++, Spark, Scala, R, and/or Python.
  • An expert practitioner  that has achieved significant commercial value through the application/coding of AI : Natural Language Understanding, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Algorithmic Foundations of Optimization, Data Mining or Machine Intelligence
  • Significant exposure and a deep ‘hands-on’ knowledge of  big data processing systems such as spark, Hadoop, fast data, data mining tools such as R and Python, MXNet, Tensorflow, machine & deep learning, and data analytics
  • Demonstrated initiative and very strong technical & coding skills, with proven ability to be a major contributor to multiple development teams that have designed, built and deployed commercial applications
  • Experience in back-end integration, web services and Cloud interfacing (e.g. JSON, XML, RESTful interfacing)
  • At least a BSc in a STEM related field

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We are an equal opportunities employer.