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2D/3D Developer - BGL at Esri (Redlands, CA)


Do you love 2D or 3D visualizations and want to develop software that makes a difference in everyday lives? Use your experience in 2D/3D graphics programming to develop GIS visualization technology and expand the 2D/3D capabilities of the ArcGIS platform. In this role, you will design and develop world-class software products supporting the needs of geodesigners, urban planners, architects, engineers, and others working with geographic information.


  • Design and develop leading-edge 2D/3D GIS software
  • Research, analyze, and push stateoftheart in realtime rendering technology
  • Solve complex problems with design, algorithms, development, and user experience
  • Find, analyze, and fix bugs/performance problems whenever and wherever they occur
  • Build and ship quality software by working effectively with members of other software development teams in an agile, highly interactive, and creative environment


  • Experience working in the field of software rasterization 2D and/or 3D (including advanced software algorithms for hi-performance computer graphics)
  • Familiarity with the following:
    • Color management and overprinting techniques
    • Font/text processing (including text layouts for different languages)
    • DX and OpenGL APIs (including shaders programming)
    • 2D/3D data pre-processing/visualization algorithms to handle large volume of input data
    • Fast disk I/O (caching/paging) techniques to cache intermediate data flow
    • Human interaction techniques (keyboard, mouse, 3D input and touch devices) that we are using to interact/edit maps
  • Bachelor’s (with 4+ years of experience) or master’s (with 2+ years of experience) in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field, depending on position level


  • PhD in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field with clear demonstration of previous work/technology
  • Working knowledge of graphics interchange file formats such as PDF, SVG, JPEG, and PNG
  • Familiarity with the Esri ArcGIS platform and online services or other GIS products