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Full Stack Software Engineer at Semantic AI, Inc. (San Diego, CA)

Rapidly prototype and demonstrate solutions to customer and market problems by developing against and within Semantica AIs flagship enterprise intelligence platform, Semantica Cortex. This is an opportunity to have a high impact on showcasing the value and potential of our core product offering across the organization and to prospective customers.

Provide software engineering, data processing, technology expertise and advice in order to deliver innovative solutions that support Semantica Labs mission. The employee will work with SAIs prdocut suite and associated RESTfull web APIs as well as with open source projects, customer data, 3rd party web sites, and web services. The employee will operate within an agile software development lifecycle and receive prioritized tasks coordinated by the labs manager and/or their supervisor. The employee will work closely with team members to support Semantica Labs mission of driving innovation and implementation of the latest technical capabilities to showcase current or potential solutions for our customer base. This position affords the employee the ability to take inatitive and function with minimal oversight.

Supervisor: VP, Product Management
Semantica Labs team, software engineers, product managers, business development, and sales professionals.

The following primary functions must be performed to successfully execute the duties of this position:

  • Apply an enterprise-wide set of disciplines and processes for planning, analyzing, designing, constructing and implementing effective solutions to a variety of information engineering, information analysis and problem solving requirements for complex systems in response to customer needs and Semantica Labs priorities. Deliver these solutions in time frames allotted and within established code quality and standardization requirements.
  • Programming in languages outlined in the essential skills list in conjunction with a variety of development environments.
  • Manage, scope, and estimate multiple parallel projects.
  • Advise business development on the feasibility of proposed projects.
  • Advise customers on the best practices of the platform as relates to their objectives.
  • Communicate and collaborate with the Semantica Labs team, fellow software engineers, and product managers to imagine and rapidly protype potential enahcement to the platform.
  • Execute efforts with minimal oversight and guidance required.


  • Represent the company in a professional manner at all times, always working to ensure effective and efficient software development processes.
  • Become familiar with and proactively comply with all company policies and processes as outlined in the Employee Handbook and associated Policy Letters.
  • Complete all administrative requirements within deadlines.

Effort and Working Conditions: This position requires significant mental effort to create innovative solutions by applying software code expertise to address real problem sets, and periodically requires physical stamina associated with long work hours at a computer workstation and sedentary working conditions. The nature of the position typically involves environments with a quiet, professional atmosphere.
Responsibility Level: This non-supervisory position requires a professional level of responsibility and conduct to deliver quality engineering products in line with code review and standardization requirements in a timely manner through individual and team collaboration efforts.

Knowledge, Skills & Experience (Required):

  • Three (3) Years of experience with HTML5, CSS3, Java, and Angular
  • UNIX/Linux system familiarity (Server-side)
  • Proficient in using standard Source Code Management (SCM) and build tools such as Git
  • Ability to develop new software capabilities based on direct customer feedback
  • Ability to perform light data engineering, including data mapping and structured file parsing
  • Knowledge of Extensible Markup Language (XML)
  • Knowledge of Java Serialized Object Notation (JSON)
  • Knowledge of one or more other scripting languages, including: Java Script, Shell Script, Python, XSLT, Bash, etc.
  • Experience with Structured Query Language (SQL) and a range of Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) databases
  • Experience with parsing and integrating SOAP or RESTful web services
  • Expereince with using Java based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Knowledge, Skills & Experience (Desirable):

  • BS/MS in Computer Science or related field
  • Resource Description Framework (RDF) or Web Ontology Language (OWL)
  • Experience with search technologies, such as Lucene, SOLR, or Elasticsearch
  • Experience with large scale Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), data mining and analysis
  • Interest in semantic networks, graph theory, social network analysis, ontologies, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and machine learning
  • Understanding and/or experience with AWS and Azure Cloud
  • Department of Defense, Federal Law Enforcement or Intelligence Community experience
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills - Ability to interact with customers, partners, colleagues, management and others professionally, in writing, in person and virtually, if necessary


  • Employee must be willing to comply with the companys drug free workplace policy.
  • Travel will be required up to 10% of the time.
  • Proof of US citizenship required.
  • Exempt Position: Occasionally, the incumbent will be required to work beyond the normal 8- hour day, to include some weekend work, depending on situational requirements.

If you bring innovation, energy and advanced knowledge of the above to the table and have a driving interest in linked data, semantic networks, data mining, analytics, graph theory, social network analysis and ontologies, wed love to discuss your role on the team.
If youre looking for a place to achieve your goals and have fun doing it, then youve found the right place. Were looking forward to hearing from you.
We provide competitive compensation and benefit packages that include company-paid health insurance premiums for employees and their immediate families, and a 401K plan.

Based on the early, ground-breaking work on knowledge representation for education by our founders, Semantic AI has been redefining the way users visualize, interact with, and understand data for more than 15 years.

Our unique adaptation of semantic network theory, from cognitive science, artificial intelligence and education, has enabled us to tackle the very hard problems of data fusion and common representation with a very different, and much more adaptable, vision than anyone else in the business.

Semantica® is the only context network analytics tool built, from the ground up, to directly address the ever-changing networks that define the greatest data challenges of our times. Semantic AI Inc. pioneered the field of semantic networks as a data model for fusing and representing data from virtually any source into a common, visual, interactive representation of knowledge that allows analysts to see, and understand, the network they are attempting to exploit.  Semantica is the dominant model for understanding networks in the modern age: social networks, supply-chain networks, terrorist networks, financial networks, transnational criminal networks all are based on amorphous, constantly adapting networks of people, organizations, places, things, events and ideas.

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Semantic AI is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or protected veteran status.