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Senior Data Scientist at LLamasoft, Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI)

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Job Description:  

  • Research, design and prototype novel models based on machine learning, data mining, and statistical modeling to solve hard analytics problems, where the problems may range from exploratory to highly applied
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in the field by continuous learning and pro-actively champion promising new methods relevant to the problems at hand
  • Work with team to make algorithms production quality and scalable
  • Work with Product Management to deliver effective software solutions to our clients business problems

The Qualifications:

  • Experience with designing and implementing machine learning and data mining algorithms in production systems along with the related automated data pipelines
  • Excellent working knowledge and real-life experience implementing machine learning techniques and algorithms including the following:
    • Supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning areas, such Regression, Classification, Clustering and Recommender Systems.
    • Linear and non-linear models - Linear, Lasso, Ridge Regression, Logistic, Multinomial, Ordinal Regression etc.
    • Advanced Machine Learning algorithms - SVM, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting, Neural Networks.
    • Clustering Algorithms - k-means, Hierarchical Clustering etc.
    • Ensemble methods like bagging, boosting and stacking.
    • Feature Engineering
    • Feature Selection techniques Correlation based, model based
    • Understanding of Bias/variance trade-off. Underfitting/Overfitting
    • Dimensionality reduction techniques such as PCA, SVD etc.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of statistics including the following:
    • Resampling techniques Bootstrapping, Cross-validation, Under/oversampling
    • Classic Time Series Algorithms Exponential Smoothing, ARIMA. Ability to detrend and de-seasonalize time series.
    • Residual Analysis
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Monte-Carlo simulation
    • Bayesian Statistics
    • Accuracy Metrics AIC, BIC, AICc, RMSE, MAPE, WMAPE, MAE, ME
  • Experience in data wrangling including
    • Data transformation techniques Normalization, Scaling and Centering, Box-Cox transformation.
    • Anomaly Detection
    • Outlier Adjustments
    • Imputation techniques
    • Data aggregation and disaggregation techniques
  • Experience with demand forecasting for commercial products and related problems like:
    • Hierarchical Forecasting
    • Demand Sensing
    • Temporal Aggregation
    • Diffusion Models
    • Promotion Modeling
    • Intermittent Demand Forecasting
  • MS or PhD in statistics, mathematics, theoretical science, operational research, computer science or related relevant domains
  • Practical knowledge of one or more NoSQL databases
  • R and Python
  • Experience in data visualization
  • Strong communication skills
  • At least three years of professional experience outside academia
  • Strong publication record in top conferences and journals