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Director Of Analytics at Spectra (Philadelphia, PA)

The Director of Analytics will possess a solid leadership acumen and the strong ability to direct and oversee the corporate data science program. The department supports all businesses and executives through development of reporting and advanced analytics including predictive modeling for driving the organizations objectives and vision.

The role provides expertise in the ability to understand a stakeholders problem and identify areas for analytical opportunity; design, build, and implement models and data driven strategies; and evaluate and report model performance.


  • BI Reporting Oversee design, development and implementation of BI platforms that highlights performance indicators for operational management and allows for data driven decisions.
  • Advanced Analytics Oversee development of data analysis methodologies for key stakeholders, which target high yield opportunities through improved efficiencies of marketing, financial and operational initiatives.

Daily and Monthly Responsibilities:

  • Communicates strategy and analytic results to stakeholders in an actionable way.
  • Advocate and facilitate analytical projects and the use of predictive and prescriptive models (marketing, forecasting, revenue management/optimization, cost control etc.)
  • Oversee development while providing expertise on data science tools, techniques and methodologies; (e.g., regression, decision tree, time series, neural networks, clustering, optimization algorithms, operations research, and text analytics). Collaborate with and mentor division analysts & data scientists for departmental and organizational growth.
  • Review KPI measurements of operational initiatives with aligning corporate and subsidiary business strategy.
  • Establish and document modeling standards and processes, including: identify and define problem, and design approach; prepare, explore, transform, and select data; build, validate, and deploy model; and monitor and evaluate results. Innovate new ways of problem solving that draw from best practices and innovations from other industries
  • Coordination of A/B or multivariate tests and other continual process improvement initiatives related to both marketing campaigns, operational initiatives, new business development to stimulate best practices throughout the enterprise.
  • Well-informed of current and emerging trends in advanced analytics, including: statistics, data analysis, machine learning, data mining, and data management.
  • Work collectively with management to identify problems and areas for opportunity as well as cohesively with IT to identify data integrity and availability.


  • We are seeking a candidate with a Masters degree in Marketing, Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics or related, with 10+ years of experience in quantitative roles.
  • 5+ years of SAS, R, Python, or other related languages.
  • IT related Technologies and data integration
  • Prior management experience in an analytic based environment.
  • Experience with data warehousing and BI toolsets required.
  • Experience working in an agile environment and collaborating with the team to solve technical challenges using rapid and iterative development.
  • Superior communication skills with the ability to work directly with business partners.
  • Knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience working in a hospitality analytics role providing data driven solutions to hospitality problems (Consumer Behavior, Marketing & Customer Loyalty, Pricing, Managing Labor & Food Cost)
  • Knowledge of fundamental marketing concepts such as positioning, segmentation, consumer behavior, customer response models etc.
  • Knowledge of forecasting techniques such as time series, regression and artificial intelligence
  • Knowledge of revenue management practices and optimization methods including linear/integer programming, pricing strategies (variable, dynamic), scheduling algorithms.