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Senior Research Engineer, Computer Vision at Huawei Technologies (San Diego, CA)


  • You will advance computer vision algorithms for semantic scene segmentation, motion tracking, image modeling, image registration, and 3D model reconstruction to promote integration of CG, CV, AI and image processing technologies into a unified pipeline to provide a tool chain for better digital reality experience
  • Develop vision-based indoor and outdoor positioning systems that process multi-modal information from multiple sensors, design visual location recognition systems that are robust to variations in the capture conditions and viewpoint changes
  • Implement optimized and accurate solutions for on-device that use reduced memory and run in real-time
  • Work with multiple 3rd Party SDKs to integrate computer vision algorithms, AR/VR tracking, and haptics applications to build experimental prototypes


  • PhD or MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or a related field
  • At least three-year experience in computer vision
  • Essential hands-on experience in developing computer vision solutions in any of these areas:
    • Image/video enhancement and super-resolution
    • Camera calibration, photogrammetry, motion estimation, video stabilization
    • Image/video registration and alignment, SLAM, visual positioning (using ARCore, ARKit, etc.),
    • Depth estimation and structure-from-motion
  • Image segmentation, instance segmentation, OCR
    • Object detection and recognition based on deep learning
      • Preferably implemented with TensorFlow library
    • Object recognition
  • Well versed in the state-of-the-art in real time 2D and 3D data processing, feature design, training, cross-validation, feature down-selection, performance evaluation
  • Experience in technologies for AR/VR, haptics, 3D graphics including rendering and simulation
  • Experience in working with data from RGB cameras, IR cameras, depth cameras
  • Experience operating on large datasets, data collection, data labeling
  • Very strong implementation skills in C++, Python using OpenCV
  • Research publications at good venues are a plus
  • Highly motivated to work as a team player and as an individual contributor
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, and a can-do attitude
  • Good oral and written communication, interpersonal skills and fluency in English.

About Project:

  • O-Lab Cyberspace project at Huawei aims to establish a digital world that is seamlessly integrated and parallel to the real world, and to bridge the gap between digital world and real world. This will change our living and working style in the future
Senior Research Engineer, Computer Vision at Huawei Technologies (San Diego, CA)