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Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world in almost every industry. Only good training-data can produce the best machine learning solutions. The AI world is starving for great training-data, however, creating training data with high quality in a scaleable way is very challenging and very few companies do it well. Appen is the global leader in the development of high-quality training data-sets for machine learning.  We bring over 20 years of experience in capturing and enriching a wide variety of data-types including speech, audio, text, image and video.

The Appen Tech team solves AI data problems by combining the power of humans and technology. This world-class senior data scientist position awaits the qualified candidate, who will join Appen’s data intelligence team. This team is responsible for building Appen’s intelligence solutions and driving AI data innovations. This is an exciting opportunity to make your own mark in the AI data industry!

Our team is located in Bay Area, but you will have opportunity of working with other Appen team-members located in our Shanghai and Sydney offices. If you are looking to make a huge impact to the AI world and rise with a leading data company that has a start-up culture as we continue to grow, Appen is the place for you.


  • Build machine learning based CRM systems including analyze of the worker life cycle, building predictive models, acquiring new workers, engaging existing workers and preventing workers from churns.

  • Build personalized experiences for workers through task allocation, recommendations, and fraud detection.

  • Provide complete solutions to business problems using data mining techniques, statistics and data analysis.

  • Serve as the subject matter expert and drive thought leadership in the areas of machine learning training data insights and optimizations.

  • Mentoring and coaching junior staff, driving internal operational excellence, and developing careers for junior data scientists.


  • MS degree or PhD (preferred) in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, or equivalent is required for this position

  • 5+ years industrial experience in data mining, statistical learning, natural language processing and machine learning areas.

  • Strong passion to make an impact in the AI data field!

  • Experience related to CRM and personalization is a bonus

  • Knowledge of NLP, Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, Video Understanding is a bonus.