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Tech Founder - Singapore at Antler (Singapore)

We are living in an amazing time, where technology is getting more accessible and more and more people to get connected. The possibilities are huge, and yet, there are still many problems out there that need to get solved. Are you dreaming about having an impact and building something that will impact millions of lives? You’re not alone, in fact, 66% of young professionals want to start their own tech startups, but few pursue their dreams. At Antler, we give talented people that extra push to go from dreamer to doer. 

We are looking for talented individuals that would like to start their own company, but haven't yet done so.

Details of the program:

1. The program runs for an initial 2 months, full time in Singapore.

2. You are paid S$ 4000 for the first 2 months. In this phase, you are required to ideate and find your cofounder(s) from the cohort of 100+ founders

3. After two months you will present your team and business idea to the Antler Investment Committee and if accepted - you will get a pre-seed investment for your startup if you pass this round.

4. If you get investment, you will continue to be part of the program for another 3-4 months and by the end of that period, Antler will arrange a demo day where we invite VCs, Investors, Angel Investors in order to help you to raise your seed rounds.

Who are we looking for?

  • Strong CTOs, developers, engineers, product managers, software architects, designers and anyone who has built and scaled products from scratch.

  • You are an expert in your area of technology.

  • Always on top of the latest technology trends & eager to adopt new technologies.

  • Passion to build next-generation products.

  • Driven & hungry to build a successful startup.

  • Excellent communicators.