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Groq is a machine learning systems company building easy-to-use solutions for accelerating artificial intelligence workloads.  Our work spans hardware, software, and machine learning technology. We are seeking exceptional software engineers to join our compiler team in tackling the exciting problem of translating ML programs written in existing ML frameworks into the language of our custom Groq ML accelerator chips.

We are looking for senior Haskell engineers to be based in either our Menlo Park, CA or Portland, OR office.


  • Deliver compiler features:  Work within the compiler team to design, implement, and test new features for our compiler.  Collaborate closely with hardware designers and machine learning experts to identify and deploy support for key hardware capabilities.

  • Maximize compiler performance:  Leverage your Haskell expertise and understanding of algorithmic complexity to reduce memory usage and speed up compiler execution.

  • Manage performance tradeoffs:  Understand the balance between performance, memory, and power in compiler generated code.

  • Innovate:  Contribute to the design of next generation hardware architectures and compiler releases.

  • Be a productivity multiplier:  Identify opportunities to improve engineering practices within the compiler team and across software teams at Groq.  

  • Collaborate with others through code reviews, design discussions, and problem-solving sessions.


Minimum qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in computer science or related fields, or equivalent practical experience

  • Outstanding Haskell programming skills

  • 5+ years development experience with a proven track record of delivering high quality production software

  • Excellent collaboration skills, with strong verbal and written communication

Preferred qualifications:

  • PhD in computer science or related fields

  • Familiarity with ML models and common frameworks (TensorFlow, Caffe, PyTorch etc)

  • Understanding of compiler architecture and compiler implementation techniques

Keywords: Haskell, TensorFlow, machine learning, deep learning, compiler, functional programming, hardware, accelerator, software engineer, startup