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Machine Learning Engineer


San Diego, CA

machine-learning algorithm c

Mar 2


As Kelzals Machine Learning Engineer, youwill be part of an innovative team that designs and develops algorithms and software for the next generation of AI-enabled visual systems. You will develop power-efficient machine learning and adaptive signal processing algorithms to solve real-world imaging and video classification problems.


  • Develop algorithms for the fast, low-complexity and accurate detection and tracking of objects in real-world environments
  • Develop algorithms for event-based spatio-temporal signal processing
  • Contribute to our machine learning tool sets for curating data and training models
  • Inform sensor decisions for optimal approaches to classification for product requirements
  • Follow and drive research on state-of-the-art approaches in the areas described above, as applied to the problems we're solving


·      Experience in event-based signal processing

·      Experience in continuous-time signal processing techniques

·      Experience in some deep neural network packages (e.g. TensorFlow, NVIDIA Digits,             Caffe/Caffe2)

·      Experience with OpenCV

·      Experience with traditional computer vision approaches to image processing

·      Experience with developing machine-learning algorithms for multi-modal object detection,         scene understanding, semantic classification, face verification, human pose estimation, activity recognition, or anomaly detection

·      Strong experience with classification and regression algorithms

·      Strong coding skills with Python and/or C/C++ in Linux environment

·      Track record of research excellence or/and experience converting publications to actual implementations

·      Experience with commercial development processes such as continuous integration, deployment and release management tools a plus.

·      Experience launching products containing machine learning algorithms a plus

·      Experience with fixed point implementation a plus

·      3+ years hands-on experience working in industry

·      MS or PhD Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or a related field

.      Current US work authorization