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Senior Computer Vision Engineer at Huawei Technologies (San Diego, CA)

About Project:

O-Lab Cyberspace project at Huawei aims to establish a digital world that is seamlessly integrated and parallel to the real world, and to bridge the gap between digital world and real world. This will change our living and working style in the future.

    • espo

      nsibilities: You

      • ill be responsible with establishing a software architecture and software development tools to promote fast and agile development and create a pipeline Desig

      • n software architecture for integrated CV/CG/AI/AR/VR applications for mobile phones Drive

      • design and architecture decisions that result in strong balance of performance, flexibility, and maintainability Creat

      • e clean, organized, optimized, reusable code modules that can be used for multiple projects Devel

      • op profiling/debugging tools for GPU/NPU


    • PhD or MS in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or a related field

    • At least three-year experience in software development for CG/CV technologies

    • Essential hands-on experience in developing large scale camera processing pipelines and 3D graphics

    • A deep understanding of CG/CV algorithms, point cloud capture, image processing, rendering, simulation and multimedia image formats

    • Well versed in GPU/NPU programming for acceleration on multiple processors and multi-threaded renderers

    • Have a real passion for uncovering root causing bottlenecks and optimizing performance

    • Extensive experience in code optimization and code reviewing

    • Very strong implementation skills in C++/Python

    • Solid understanding of modern 3D graphics APIs

    • Experience with Unity3D development for iOS and Android deployment

    • Experience with OpenCV, OpenGL ES, WebGL

    • Experience in working with data from RGB cameras, IR cameras, depth cameras

    • Experience operating on large datasets, data collection, data labeling

    • Able to work as a team player and as an individual contributor

    • Highly motivated, innovative and enthusiastic

    • Ability to meet deadlines and commitments in a fast-paced environment, strong attention to details

    • Good organization skills, with a logical approach to problem solving, good time management and task prioritization skills