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3D Mapping Algorithms Engineer at Hivemapper (Burlingame, CA)

Hivemapper builds living, evolving 3d maps of the world. As we improve our technologies in speed, accuracy, information content, flexibility, and many other ways we consistently develop and deploy state of the art algorithms to solve these problems. In this role, you will collaborate with teammates across the company to design, develop, test, and deploy sophisticated solutions to a wide variety of challenging problems.

Here's a specific example. A good deal of our tech stack focuses on the problem of georegistration - how do you take a reconstructed 3d model and algorithmically localize it precisely in the real world. As a 3d mapping algorithms engineer you would take the lead in driving this technology forward, improving our speed, accuracy, and ability to work with additional sources of data.

The ideal candidate for this role not only has strong technical implementation skills, but a demonstrated fluency in flexible mathematical and algorithmic thinking. This role exists in both standard and senior forms depending on the experience of the applicant.

Required Skills:
- Strong technical skills
- 2+ years of experience or Masters and above degree.
- Robust experience in mathematics and algorithms

Bonus Skills:

- C++ proficiency
- Experience in machine learning, AI, 3d data, high performance computing or other relevant domains.
- Strong systems design sense