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Machine Learning Expert (f/m/d) at Acrolinx (Berlin, Deutschland)

You and Your Role

We’re looking for a generally nice and smart person to join our development and research team in Berlin.

  • You have an academic background in machine learning and at least 3 years of hands-on industry experience.

  • You consider yourself a Data Scientist beyond just using BI tools.

  • You can verify your findings with sound & solid statistics.

  • You’ve implemented different ML algorithms yourself and know which toolboxes offer well written variants of them.

  • You have written code in Java and Python. Ideally, you have publicly committed code or models to well-known projects, e.g. on Kaggle.

  • You have experience in Keras, TensorFlow or other machine learning libraries.

  • You already know a bit about Natural Language Processing (NLP) or are quite keen on learning it.

  • You know the difference between software developed as a tool for your research, and software developed for use in production by customers. You are interested in both.

  • You choose the developing tools and computer environment that you’re most comfortable with.

  • You engage with your team in discussions.

  • You speak English fluently. German knowledge a plus.

  • You’re someone who enjoys sharing knowledge with teammates.

  • You’re not afraid of asking for help.

 You have some experience with tools like TensorFlow, Git, OpenNLP, and Jenkins? You’re also a word-nerd or love fancy languages? Cool, we’re sure you’ll get a chance to apply your skills.

Your Team

You’ll join an international team of friendly, dynamic people in Berlin who are passionate about their jobs. You can expect:

  • A flat, informal hierarchy and quick decision-making processes.

  • Support in getting up to speed.

  • Teammates of all ages and backgrounds.

We strongly encourage diversity in our team and share a respectful and open mindset. Some of us speak at conferences, organize meetups, write about programming, or contribute to open-source projects.

Chances are, you’ve read some text today that Acrolinx software helped to shape.

The core of our product is a linguistic engine, which analyzes written text—not just for spelling and grammar but also for good style and consistency. Just take a look at our list of happy customers, which include Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and Adobe. We also have customers of comparable size and impact in other industries such as the healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive industries.