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Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning


San Francisco, CA

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Feb 15

Every day, SmartNews analyzes millions of URLs to deliver the top articles that matter in near-real time to millions of users around the world. The Data Science and Machine Learning team work on a range of classification and optimization problems, e.g. search ranking, text/sentiment classification, and/or collaborative filtering/recommendation, to deliver the world's quality information to the people who need it.


  • Write server-side production code for applications that are robust and high-volume

  • Research and solve various technical problems, including information extraction from unstructured text, categorization, and de-duplication

  • Build ranking algorithms for news articles

  • Develop internal analytics tools

  • Rapid prototyping

Minimum Qualifications

  • Over 5 years of solid work experience in natural language processing, classification, search, and/or recommender systems

  • Expert coding abilities in multiple programming languages (e.g. Java, C++, Python, Scala)

  • MS or BS in computer science, mathematics, physics or other quantitative fields

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with distributed analytic processing technologies (e.g. Hadoop, Hive, MapReduce, Spark, Solr/Elasticsearch)

  • Experience with cloud based architecture (e.g. Amazon Web Services)

  • Strong interest in news media and our mission